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Lab meeting Jan. 2021 (Avery Wall; Jennifer Arnold; Eri Kakoki; Elaine Ye; Jiefang Li; Emma Caulfield; Hannah Smith; Taylor Steele; Braxton Hawkins; Valerie Langlois; Elyce Williams; Kathryn Weatherford; Caitlin Huguely; Lauren Morgan; Sayoni Ghosh; Lamar Richards)


Arnold lab spring 2019: Kathryn, Heather, Sophia, Jennifer, Val, Elyce, Sandy, Taylor, Darith, Madison
CUNY2019: Kathryn Weatherford, Elyce Williams, Jennifer Arnold, Val Langlois, Sandy Zerkle

Students from my undergraduate research course present their findings at the QEP student research event, Dec. 1, 2017. In left two photos: Claudia Foubert, Sarah Rhymer, Madison Goers; in right two photos: Blake Richardson.

Sandy (left) and Val and Elyce (right), presenting at the Psyc and Neuroscience fest at UNC, fall 2017. This event provides information to undergraduate students about doing research at UNC.

Eyetracking workshop at Duke (Elika Bergelson’s lab, fall 2016), with Marcus Johnson from SR Research.  Pictured here: Elyce Williams (far left); Val Langlois (in tracker on left); Kathryn Weatherford (fitting tracker on left); Sandy Zerkle (fitting tracker on right)